TIKASI Maine Coon cats CFA cattery
We share our dream!

About cattery

Our Maine Coon cattery is CFA and TICA registered in 2012, we've been working with Maine Coon cats since 2008.


We work with a classical type of Maine Coon, with cats notable for their health, sweet temper and special balance and harmonious look.

Our goals are to get strong, gentle and sweet kittens who will become beautiful and happy cats, best friends for their owners. We try to breed show quality cats and prefer to work with certain lines.


We are small home cattery, we have a few litters during the year and our cats get all our attention. Our males and females live in different homes so no unplanned kittens can be.

All of our cats are tested for common hereditary and infectious diseases, are all in care of vet doctor and undergo regular preventive measures. We work with HCM DNA and ECHO negative cats only. Our cattery is FIV, FeLV free. 


Our cats are our friends, our family members. We treat them with the utmost tenderness and sympathy. We wish our kittens the best future and we pay careful attention to the choice of owners for them.

We are glad to meet everyone who loves this cats like we are!

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